Translation from English to French

Need to reach the French-speaking markets? Show your customers that you care about them and their culture by speaking their language!


Do you have doubts about the quality of a translation in French? If so, feel free to send me your source document and its translation so that I can proofread it and give you back a flawless result!

Specialty fields

No one is omnipotent. I only translate materials related to fields I am familiar with so that I can provide you with a 100% accurate translation. Here are my specialty fields:

Travel & Tourism/Hospitality Industry

If you run a tourism business and wish to attract customers from around the world, then you absolutely need to hire a professional to translate your content. Translating tourism materials is not an easy task. You are not just selling a service: you are selling dreams. Luckily, it is my specialty!

Examples: promotional content for tourist sites, tourist guides, other tourism materials


Launching a new product or service abroad is more difficult than it seems. You have to adapt to a new market, a new culture, a new language. I can translate your marketing content to optimize its impact on the French-speaking markets!

Examples: all kinds of marketing materials

General Translation

Some texts do not require knowledge in any particular field. You still need to hire a professional to translate them, though! I can meet all your translation needs for a wide range of types of text.

Examples: private or professional correspondence, non-technical product descriptions, resumes, or any text that does not require knowledge in any specific field


Each translation is unique. Therefore, the cost of a project depends on numerous factors such as the number of source words, the complexity of the document, its layout, or the deadline. Please feel free to send me your documents for a free quote!